Welcome to Nextplay

Empowering Experienced Tech Professionals

Nextplay is a groundbreaking platform founded by Lesley Toche in 2017, aimed at hosting experiential professional networking events. Our mission is to empower top talent to realize their full economic potential. With Lesley's extensive experience as a Recruiter and Diversity Program Manager for LinkedIn, he recognized the untapped potential in the industry and devised a more effective way for companies to attract, engage, and hire top talent.


Our Secret Sauce

At Nextplay, we understand that professional networking events can be intimidating and attendees don't feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves. That's why we've created a vibrant community where like-minded professionals can come together, fostering connections and a deep sense of belonging. Our events provide the perfect setting for attendees to meet individuals who share their passions and aspirations. While our primary focus is on building a community, we've witnessed organic career conversations taking place at these events, leading to attendees discovering better job opportunities and ultimately securing their dream positions.

Empowering Experienced Professionals

After successfully hosting LinkedIn Open Mic events across the country in 2017, Lesley made the decision to establish Nextplay in 2018, with the goal of empowering every professional to unlock their full economic potential. Over the past six years, Nextplay has built a global network comprising over 40,000 industry professionals. We have organized more than 58 events in various locations including the United States, Europe, and Africa. In addition to our events, we've launched a specialized recruiting firm and fostered partnerships with over 100 major brands.

Our Offerings

Nextplay stands at the forefront of experiential recruiting, offering two main services: experiential events and a dedicated recruiting firm for software engineers. Our networking events showcase an array of influential C-suite speakers, captivating hosts, Grammy-winning performers, live art demonstrations, interactive sponsor activations, complimentary food, and a hosted bar. These events are proudly sponsored by world renowned brands. Leveraging Lesley's unique blend of recruiting and live entertainment experience, our recruiting services include talent sourcing, introducing top talent from our network to our partners, and interview preparation. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader in the recruitment of top talent across various domains including software engineering, sales, marketing, data science, design, and operations. Join Nextplay today and embark on a transformative journey towards achieving your professional aspirations.

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